Announcement: Oct 2020 Non-Profit


Fall is officially here and we at 2÷12 Clothing are very excited about it!

With a new month, comes a new organization we’ve chosen to highlight and donate to, the Black Trans Travel Fund. BTTF started in June 2019 and has been a financial resource to many black trans women, helping them access safer alternatives to travel (for now in the NY/NJ area).

Being based in a city with one of the biggest transit systems, you see a lot of things go down. Pretty sure almost everyone has experienced some sort of uncomfortable situation happen to them or in front of them on their public commute. Cannot imagine how this is heighten for black trans women (especially at night and/or when commuting solo). We hear constant stories of black trans women not making it home, just in August we saw three trans women attacked while walking the streets of LA.

BTTF helps these women have a peace of mind by making sure they get to their destination safe and not have to worry about non-sense. We are happy to support an organization that is helping provide so many (at the bare minimum) a less stressful commute.

You can learn more about BTTF here.


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