Feb 2021's Donation Recipient

We’re back!!!


1st) HAPPY 2021!! Though it seems like 2020 has carried over into 2021, it is still refreshing to start a new year!

2nd) HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!! This month is always a joy, as it puts even more of a spotlight on Black culture (and let’s be honest it needs more spotlight)

3rd) Last month, I took a break... soooo I extended Dec’s donation recipient, Black AIDS Institute, into January 😊.

 With February underway, I thought it was important to give to an organization that celebrates all Black queer folks in a month that is all about celebrating Black folks. Center for Black Equity is an organization that celebrates Black queers by being a leader in Black Prides nationwide. It’s vision is to build a global network for individuals and organizations to help achieve equality & social justice for Black LGBTQ+ communities.

 With roots dating back to 1975, the organization was founded by a group of Black Pride organizers across the US in 1999 (8 years after the 1st Black Pride took place) under the name of the “International Federation of Black Prides”. In 2012, the organization changed the name to “Center for Black Equity” to better focus on the mission of “achieving equality and justice for Black LGBT communities”.

 We are excited to continue celebrating in this month with you and hope you wear your 2 ÷ 12 gear with even more pride (if that’s possible). To learn more about how CBE celebrates Black queer culture, head over to their site!